Through the years, we have come across some businesses and folks who are offering people and their horses beneficial products or services. Here is a list of some resources for you to explore.


Our Current Student Instructors 

These are people we recommend and who continue to study with us extensively. - Amanda Barton, UK - Tina Handerhan - Heather Burke, Cedarburg, WI Gray Kyle Graves, Littleton, CO 720-325-0452 - Kayla Goelz, Cedarburg, WI Dev Branham, Devereaux Sport Horses, Tomball, TX (Houston area), 409-893-1815, Alex Clerc-Fotts, Northern California

Other Helpful Links - Gary Winckler, Owner, Monticello, IL (saddle maker) - Horse Tech   (mention Mark Rashid for a 15% discount) - Hilton Herbs   (mention MR15 for a 15% discount) - Spencer LaFlure - Natural Balance Denstistry - The Masterson Method