Hosting a Clinic

If you are interested in hosting a clinic for Mark, following is some basic information:

Mark Rashid Horse Training- All clinics are Horsemanship Clinics. No colt starting. Mark considers putting a horse under saddle for the first time as colt starting. Pretty much anything else is OK during a clinic, even with a colt. In other words, ground work with a colt or a ten year old is fine. (Click here for additional explanation). And he will work with a colt and rider even if the colt has one or two rides on him. He just isn't going to be doing the saddling process during a clinic anymore. Mark has found that even when people say they have no expectation when they bring their colt in for saddling for the first time, they often do and because of that, it puts undue stress on the horse and the owner. And Mark doesn't feel that is a good way to start a colt.

- While Mark appreciates fine facilities, he is definitely more interested in working with the horses in a safe environment. So, if you have a good round pen (50' minimum; ideally 60'), restroom facilities close by (permanent or portable), and a parking area to accommodate participants and auditors, you should be just fine. A covered facility is at your discretion. An arena is great but if you do not have one, a nice flat section of land is fine for riding. The riding area needs to have an open-panel construction so auditors and participants can observe the sessions. If you do not have seating available, please notify people that they will need to bring their own chairs.

- Registration rates are set by the host. The host calculates their individual expenses, along with the fees owed to Mark to come up with a rate that allows them to recover their costs. (Please contact us for Mark’s current rider and auditor fees)

- Travel expense is $500 per location (except clinics in Colorado – based on mileage) and is due in advance of the clinic date. Clinics out of the continental US – airfare, travel, lodging and meals are paid by the host.

- There are no lodging requirements for Mark and Crissi. They stay in their trailer during clinics and brings their own horses with them. If you're interested in hosting a clinic, plese email us with your name, clinic location (city and state) and best time of year to be there.