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Originally released as a 3-tape video series, this DVD shows Mark working with three different horses developing some horsemanship basics (halts, backing, turns on the forehand, turns on the haunches, sidepasses, impulsion, collection, etc.) while always seeking to show the viewer how to Find the Try.

Mark focuses on what is happening on both sides of the horse/human relationship and how the rider can clearly communicate while building trust.

His instruction on communication involves always searching for the least amount of cue or pressure possible. Key to this is recognizing the horse's earliest tries to respond, because finding and building on these efforts allows the horse to learn faster with less confusion and struggle. Hence . . . Finding the Try. In two specialty sequences, Mark first works with a two-week old foal on some basics on handling, haltering and leading, illustrating how the same principles of Finding the Try apply from the first horse-human interactions. Then Mark demonstrates in close-up the kind of feel in handling reins needed to help a horse (and rider) succeed.

Running Time: Three hours, five minutes (Feb 2006)

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