Whether you’d like to learn more about Mark’s work, brush up after attending a clinic, or delve more deeply into the principles of softness, you can now bring Mark to your own home, right through your computer.

Our two main sites are through Vimeo, where you can rent videos to stream, and our online Classroom through Facebook.

Our Classroom is only $10.00 a month and you can cancel at any time. You have not only hours of new material once a month, but the ability to ask Mark questions about your horse, and have them answered. We also have a training archive of videos that now has three years’ worth of material for you to catch up on. Click on the word “Facebook” to be redirected to the page for registration. You’ll look for a box that says ENTER THE CLASSROOM HERE: with a link. You’ll need a Facebook and PayPal account for the easy three-step registration process. See below for links to these two platforms.

Sign up to be a member of our Classroom on Facebook.

Interested in Mark’s DVDs? They are now available to stream to your own device! Click here to see the full selection!